Wireless RERC Launches Hearing Aid and Cochlear Implant Cell Phone Compatibility Survey

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The Wireless Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (Wireless RERC) is seeking those with Apple iPhone5hearing aids and cochlear implants to fill out a survey on cell phone compatibility.

The Hearing Aid Compatibility Act of 1988 (HAC Act) requires that landline telephones manufactured or imported for use in the United States after August 1989 be hearing aid-compatible. In 2003, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules to make digital cell phones compatible with hearing aids and cochlear implants.

Wireless RERC monitors this regulation and is interested in how it impacts the usability of cell phones for people who use hearing aids and cochlear implants. The purpose of their survey is to analyze the compatibility of hearing aids.

Leading cell phone manufacturer, Apple, is working with several manufacturers to create “Made for iPhone” hearing aids that can be adjusted with Apple’s popular cell phones.

If you have patients or colleagues using hearing aids or cochlear implants, you can direct them to participate in the survey here.

Participants who take the survey can enter a drawing for the chance to win one of four $50 Amazon gift certificates, although participation is not essential to enter.

SOURCE: The Wireless Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (Wireless RERC)


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