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With our strong belief that an induction loop is the best solution to transmit sound to hearing aid users we are constantly developing our products which improve the life of millions all over the world. Univox hearing loop systems are designed to always supply enough power to really make a difference. Many can build loop amplifiers but only Univox has the technical know-how, design expertise, long experience and manufacturing skills to build the most powerful induction loop amplifiers in the world. After having developed the very first specially designed constant current loop amplifier 1969 Univox has been the industry leader in induction loop design. With the recently launched design software, Univox Loop Designer, you have access to a professional planning tool for a top of the art hearing loop. Today 15,000 Univox loop amplifiers are installed annually in venues such as stadiums, conference facilities, cinemas, theatres, places of worship, meeting rooms, school classrooms, information desks, trains, trams and buses.