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Ida Institute
Ida Institute announced that it will be giving a presentation of global perspectives on the future of hearing care at the AudiologyNOW! AAA 2015 Conference on March 27 at 10:00 AM.
Thomas Behrens, MSc, Oticon
Oticon announced that its team of audiologists and researchers will contribute their expertise to a variety of education sessions and workshops at AudiologyNOW! AAA 2015 Conference.
The webinar, “Being Normal,” by Curtis Alcock addresses why it is often difficult to convince people of their hearing loss and explores new ideas for reaching out to and connecting with consumers. Brought to you courtesy of CareCredit, it is now available for viewing.
The New Jersey Association of Hearing Health Professionals (NJAHHP) announced its 2015 Conference, "New Frontiers in Hearing Healthcare," to be held April 23-24, 2015.

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Steve Woodward, consultant, business coach, and CEO and co- founder of the Johns Creek Audiology and North Georgia Audiology practices in Georgia.
As part of a daylong session at the ADA 2014 Convention that covered different aspects of “Taking Care of Business,” consultant and business coach Steve Woodward gave a talk titled “Meat and Potatoes.” Woodward's dynamic presentation covered business strategies designed to help private audiology practices work more effectively in a relatively small and competitive marketplace.
[Click on images to enlarge.] From l to r: Alex Aubert, Solutionreach; Michele Ahlman, Clear Digital Media/HNN; Sergei Kochkin, PhD, industry consultant; Randall Baldwin, CareCredit; Dana Fisher and Karl Strom, The Hearing Review.
A special 1-hour seminar, “10 Winning Tips for Patient Loyalty,” moderated by long-time industry researcher Sergei Kochkin, PhD, included both established factors and new ideas for increasing patient loyalty in an era when repeat customers and patient referrals are vital to a hearing care practice’s survival.
Dr Frank Lin shares his research on age-related hearing loss and cognition during his 2014 ADA “Game Changer” session, “Hearing Loss and Aging: Consequences, Implications, and Creating Better Outcomes Through Alternate Models of Care.”
Dr Lin, one of the most widely respected researchers in the area of hearing loss and cognition, presented a 1-hour keynote that touched on many of today’s hottest topics in hearing healthcare, including the relationship between hearing, cognition, and general health, as well as the dynamic hearing aid distribution system.
CHSCOM2015 header
The third annual Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication, CHSCOM 2015, will be held June 14-17, 2015 in Linköping, Sweden.
Unitron 50th Anniversary
Unitron welcomed more than 120 hearing care professionals and company executives to a 2-day customer conference held in Vienna designed to put patient care and practice growth center stage, with discussions ranging from the role of the manufacturer to business opportunities arising from enhancing patient experience.
The 2014 Oticon Summer Camp in Keystone, Colo, welcomed audiology graduate students from 41 US universities.
The two student-oriented knowledge-sharing Summer Camps combined seminars, discussions, and workshops with opportunities to network with leading researchers, experienced practitioners, Oticon staff, and other new hearing care professionals.
Left to right:  Jim Kothe, MS, Oticon VP of Sales; Don Schum, PhD, VP of Audiology & Professional Relations; Nancy Palmere, Senior Marketing Manager; Marija Baranauskas, AuD, Director of Education and Training; behavioral scientist James Kane, keynote speaker; Oticon President Peer Lauritsen; Sheena Oliver, VP of Marketing and Mike Irby, Manager of Business Development.
More than 500 US hearing care professionals attended the 2014 Human Link Conference, “Hearing Care is Health Care,” hosted by Oticon which focused on the growing body of research showing the connection between hearing health and brain health.
This is the fourth time the international WebAward competition has recognized, the Institute’s multimedia website designed to serve as a hub for knowledge dissemination, e-learning, and access to Ida tools, videos, interviews, reports, articles, and more.
The 2014 Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA) Convention “Raising the Stakes: Going All in for Audiology!” will be held at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas on November 6-9.
The New Jersey Academy of Audiology (NJAA) has announced that its 6th annual meeting, “Counseling Strategies in Rehabilitative Audiology,” will be held Friday, October 24, 2014, at Montclair State University.
News_Ida Basics e-Learning Course
The free 60-minute Ida Basics e-learning course offers valuable and actionable knowledge in a format that can fit within a busy clinician’s day. It is designed to provide a quick overview of patient-centered care and a better understanding of its value to patients and families. CEUs available.

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Catherine Palmer, PhD.
Educators and clinical instructors will gather at the University of Pittsburgh on June 11-13, 2015 for the 6th biennial CSD Teaching Conference which will focus on the art and science of teaching amplification.
This week, in Part 5, we wrap up The Hearing Review & CareCredit State of the Industry Presentation Series with comments from the dinner’s audience, including viewpoints from Drs David Fabry, Kim Cavitt, Scot Frink, Edward Aleo, and Roy Sullivan.
Continuing education is the secret to helping patients with vestibular disorders.
In the master control room at Mystery Street Recording Company from left to right are: Joe Tessone, Matthew Bell, Teresa Cannon, and Michael Santucci, AuD.
Sensaphonics has added two more audiologists to its Gold Circle listing—a group of audiologists who have been specifically trained to meet the hearing needs of music industry clients.
Beltone President Todd Murray addresses hearing care professionals during the 2014 Beltone National Meeting.
This year's annual meeting, themed "LEAP (Leaders Execute and Perform) with Beltone," was attended by nearly 625 members of Beltone’s dispenser network, and honored several of its distinguished practitioners.