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Steve Woodward, consultant, business coach, and CEO and co- founder of the Johns Creek Audiology and North Georgia Audiology practices in Georgia.
As part of a daylong session at the ADA 2014 Convention that covered different aspects of “Taking Care of Business,” consultant and business coach Steve Woodward gave a talk titled “Meat and Potatoes.” Woodward's dynamic presentation covered business strategies designed to help private audiology practices work more effectively in a relatively small and competitive marketplace.
[Click on images to enlarge.] From l to r: Alex Aubert, Solutionreach; Michele Ahlman, Clear Digital Media/HNN; Sergei Kochkin, PhD, industry consultant; Randall Baldwin, CareCredit; Dana Fisher and Karl Strom, The Hearing Review.
A special 1-hour seminar, “10 Winning Tips for Patient Loyalty,” moderated by long-time industry researcher Sergei Kochkin, PhD, included both established factors and new ideas for increasing patient loyalty in an era when repeat customers and patient referrals are vital to a hearing care practice’s survival.
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The free 60-minute Ida Basics e-learning course offers valuable and actionable knowledge in a format that can fit within a busy clinician’s day. It is designed to provide a quick overview of patient-centered care and a better understanding of its value to patients and families. CEUs available.
This week, in Part 5, we wrap up The Hearing Review & CareCredit State of the Industry Presentation Series with comments from the dinner’s audience, including viewpoints from Drs David Fabry, Kim Cavitt, Scot Frink, Edward Aleo, and Roy Sullivan.

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In Part 5 of this 5-part series, The Hearing Review's roundtable of hearing care professionals discusses alternate dispensing channels, personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), Internet and mail-order hearing aids, and how to advise consumers and clients about these products.
Presenters and sponsors at the CareCredit/HR State of the Industry Dinner included Amyn Amlani, PhD, of the University of North Texas; HR's editor Karl Strom and publisher Dana Fisher; Dan Quall, MS, of Starkey Hearing Technologies; Brian Taylor, AuD, of Unitron; and Amber Jacquez of CareCredit.
CareCredit and The Hearing Review hosted a dinner on the eve of the AAA convention that highlighted the fast-paced changes in hearing healthcare and also posed some potential solutions for the future.
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The UNT-SAA held its second biennial conference in June. This year's event focused on practice management and included a panel of speakers from industry and academia who are noted experts in the topic.
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GN Otometrics has launched a new seminar series that features the video head impulse testing (vHIT) technology found in Otometrics’ ICS Impulse.
GN Otometrics is presenting its FittingNOW! Winter Series 2013, in conjunction with sister company GN ReSound.