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student loan debt
The total of student loan debt has grown dramatically and represents one of the largest categories of consumer debt—second only to home mortgages. Here are some tips for effectively dealing with debt from student loans.
Audiology students Femi Nyatepe-Coo (left), and Rachel Otto, hold the $5,000 award for their winning business plan at the ADA 2014 Convention.
EarQ sponsored the ADA Student Business Plan Competition at the ADA 2014 Convention in Vegas, awarding $5,000 to audiology students with the winning plan. Business plans submitted by the audiology students were judged by a panel of industry experts, and were evaluated for creativity, feasibility, completeness, cohesiveness, professionalism and polish.
Sugata Bhattacharjee, AuD
The US Immigration Department has not classified the AuD as a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) designated degree program—and this will continue to pose significant problems for foreign students, as well as AuD programs.
I am in the process of selling my business, and someone wants to buy the records only. I am trying to set a price per record, any suggestions. Thank you. - There are a few different ways to do this, and you can evaluate which works best for you. The simplest way is to count […]

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I am an independent audiologist and own my own very successful practice. I am frequently solicited by networks that claim to have agreements with certain health plans. In order to receive reimbursement or patient flow, I am asked to sign up and follow certain rules. I am concerned about my autonomy and the role of […]
I am an audiologist with 5 years experience in hearing aid dispensing and clinic. I have two young children and would like to stay active in my career. Most of the jobs are full time or require travel, which are not good for me at this time. Any suggestions? - There is still a high […]
I am considering a career in audiology but I am worried about the cost of my degree and my income once I graduate. What are the long term prospects for an audiologist? Should I consider a more lucrative career? - That’s an interesting question and one that we hear very frequently. I have learned that […]
My dream is to get my degree and then find employment somewhere either within my hometown or within a 100-mile area of where I grew up. What do you suggest? - Start making professional contacts early. Join the American Academy of Audiology, the state association where you want to live, and connect with the local […]
I saw the article "Hearing Instrument and Fitting Technology: Tech Topic Hearing Aids for Severe-to-Profound Losses: Business as Usual?" by Francis Kuk, PhD, Hanne Andersen, PhD, and Lars Baekgaard, MSc. As a lay person, I have no idea what they are saying! My wife has profound hearing loss and audiologists are just selling aides; doctors […]
What types of things (outside of doing well in school!) should a third-year audiology student be doing or thinking about to prepare for entering the audiology workforce? - Looking ahead is a great idea and will position you well for an exciting career. Here are a few suggestions: First, consider joining the Student Academy of […]
As a student, I like the idea of getting some experience under my belt and then eventually owning a private practice. What kind of options, in terms of career paths, would you suggest? - Owning your own private practice can be one of the most rewarding and successful career paths. Getting experience is a smart […]