Alpaca Audiology has issued a call for applications for the Alpaca Audiology Student Scholarship, awarded to a student currently enrolled in an accredited doctoral level audiology program in the US. The deadline is May 1.
Marketing in an Audiology Practice
Plural Publishing announces the new book, “Marketing in an Audiology Practice”, that is edited by Brian Taylor, AuD, and provides an in-depth look into all facets of marketing for hearing care professionals wanting to market themselves and grow their business.
Applications for Project Amazon, a mission that supports hearing care for Amazon River communities, were offered at AudiologyNOW! and are also now available online.
Hearing Assistive and Access Technology
Plural Publishing has released Hearing Assistive and Access Technology, a resource for hearing care and related professionals, educators, and individuals with hearing loss and their families.

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Science of Hearing infographic
A new "Science of Hearing" infographic from Hidden Hearing in the UK offers information in 3 areas of hearing health: the biology of hearing, warning signs that could indicate hearing damage, and what to do when things go wrong.
Cochlear Limited announced winners of the Graeme Clark and Anders Tjellstrom scholarships that recognize Cochlear Nucleus Implant and Baha System recipients who demonstrate exceptional academics, leadership, and humanity.
The Hearing-Loss Guide
Yale University Press has released The Hearing-Loss Guide: Useful Information and Advice for Patients and Families, by John M. Burkey.
Fading Sounds Book Cover
A book that was first published in hardcopy through The Oticon Foundation, Fading Sounds: About Hearing and Hearing Aids, by Kirsten Worsoe and Claus Elberling, has become available as a free download in PDF format.
BFHS textbook cover
A practical textbook, Basic Fundamentals in Hearing Science, has been released by Plural Publishing for college undergraduates preparing for graduate programs in speech-language pathology or audiology.
“Assessing Listening and Spoken Language in Children with Hearing Loss” by Tamala Bradham and Todd Houston is designed as a comprehensive guide to assessments for infants and children with hearing loss.
balance function book
Plural Publishing has released the second edition of the book, Balance Function Assessment and Management, edited by Gary Jacobson, PhD, and Neil Shepard, PhD.
The Adult Audiology Casebook, released by Thieme Publishers in December 2014, is a compendium of key clinical cases designed to help clinicians develop the critical thinking skills necessary to diagnose and treat patients.
University of the Pacific is launching the second of only two audiology doctorate programs in California, aiming to confer 22 doctorate degrees per year.
El Deafo, by Cece Bell and David Lasky.
National Public Radio (NPR) recently featured "El Deafo," a new book from children's author and illustrator Cece Bell, who chronicles her own story about growing up with profound hearing loss.
The just-released fourth edition of Clinical Otology retails for €159.99/$179.99.
A fourth edition of the otology book, Clinical Otology, has been released this month, according to an announcement from Thieme Publishing Group. The newest edition features more than 150 color illustrations that clarify key concepts presented in the text, and includes new chapters on current clinical applications of genetics, contemporary hearing loss testing and management of external and internal hearing devices, and vestibular and audiologic neuro diagnostics.

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Reyna L. Gordon, PhD, 
Otolaryngology & Kennedy Center,
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Vanderbilt University researchers have found that a child’s capacity for understanding musical rhythm is related to the capacity for understanding grammar.
[Click on images to enlarge.] From l to r: Alex Aubert, Solutionreach; Michele Ahlman, Clear Digital Media/HNN; Sergei Kochkin, PhD, industry consultant; Randall Baldwin, CareCredit; Dana Fisher and Karl Strom, The Hearing Review.
A special 1-hour seminar, “10 Winning Tips for Patient Loyalty,” moderated by long-time industry researcher Sergei Kochkin, PhD, included both established factors and new ideas for increasing patient loyalty in an era when repeat customers and patient referrals are vital to a hearing care practice’s survival.
NTID was awarded a three-year, $534,204 grant from the National Science Foundation with a collaborative sub-award to the University of Rochester to determine if stereotypes affect the way deaf and hard-of-hearing students perform in mathematics.
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a $399,986, three-year grant to the College of Science and National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for the development of up to 10 supplemental online learning tools that may help deaf and hard-of-hearing students better understand statistics by integrating visual representations of complex concepts with signed explanations, voice and captioning.
CHSCOM2015 header
The third annual Cognitive Hearing Science for Communication, CHSCOM 2015, will be held June 14-17, 2015 in Linköping, Sweden.