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DevinNunes (R-CA).
Representatives Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Mike Thompson (D-CA) reintroduced the bipartisan Hearing Aid Tax Credit (HR1882 or HATC) which would provide a $500 credit to people who need a hearing aid (or $1000 for a binaural fitting).
An all-audiology choir opened the festivities during the 2015 AudiologyNOW! General Assembly.
A review of the American Academy of Audiology's AudiologyNOW! 2015 convention and a report on the Academy's General Assembly.
Quarterly net unit sales of hearing aids, with the private/commercial market shown in blue, and the VA shown in red. Overall yearly sales percentage gains/losses are displayed at the top of the graph.
Hearing aid sales in the United States during the first quarter of 2015 increased by 11.32% compared to the same period last year, with nearly identical strong sales for both the private sector and the VA.
MAICO Diagnostics and Interacoustics have announced an agreement to offer a full line of hearing testing medical devices to Novation, which represents a large number of hospitals and health care providers.

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Martin Grieder
An interview with Phonak Group VP Martin Grieder and VP of Product Marketing Thomas Lang.
Sophono® Alpha 2 MPO™ bone conduction hearing device.
Medical device giant Medtronic has purchased bone-anchored hearing implant manufacturer Sophono. Medtronic is the world's third largest medical device manufacturer with a market capitalization of over $100 billion and the company employs 85,000 people, including 5,800 scientists and engineers, in 160 countries.
Unitron's new North platform is designed to bring patients closer to natural hearing and address the number-one desire of hearing aid users: understanding conversations in a wide range of situations.
Ian M. Windmill, PhD
The American Academy of Audiology (AAA) has announced its 2015-2016 Board of Directors election results, including Ian Windmill as new President-Elect.
sonova logo
Sonova Holding AG has announced an agreement to purchase 100% of the shares of Hansaton Akustik GmbH and that it would recommit to distribution through its two German retailers, Vitakustik Hörgeräte GmbH and Fiebing Hörtechnik GmbH, as part of an expanded retail strategy in Germany.
Sentiero audiology devices
Audiology Systems, Schaumburg, Ill, announced that it will now be distributing the Sentiero line of audiology devices by PATH Medical Solutions in the United States.
In its annual report, GN Store Nord reported strong fourth-quarter financial results that were in line with analysts' guidance: an organic growth of 13% for Q4. For 2014, GN ReSound delivered 8% organic growth, driven by its MFi ReSound LiNX™ and Beltone First product lines, while GN Netcom had 11% organic growth.
William Demant has entered into exclusive negotiations for a controlling share of Audika, a leading French hearing aid retail network.
GENIE Sound Rooms.
Reported to be the market leader in Canada, the GENIE series of audiometric sound rooms is now being offered by Otometrics throughout the United States and is available exclusively at Audiology Systems.
Carsten Trads, president of Clarity and a long-time figure in the hearing healthcare industry, will retire from his current position in mid-May.
Figure 2. Same HIA net unit hearing aid statistics with an estimate of Costco unit volume and resulting sales for US private sector.
According to statistics generated by the Hearing Industries Association (HIA), hearing aid unit sales in the United States grew by 4.76% in 2014—topping 3 million units for the first time in industry history. Hearing aid sales in the private sector increased by 3.4%, while the VA (which accounted for 21.6% of the US market) increased its units dispensed by 9.8%.

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The purchase of Siemens Audiology Solutions has been finalized and a name has been chosen for the newly acquired Siemens hearing instrument division: Sivantos.
Twitter Logo
An update from the HIA reports that various medical device manufacturers and associations have filed comments with the FDA urging the agency to revise its Draft Guidance for companies that send messages about their medical devices via Twitter.
Abby Armijo, owner of ADCO Hearing Products
ADCO Hearing Products transferred ownership in November 2014, and new owner Abby Armijo plans to continue ADCO's history of great products and services, while expanding its offerings throughout next year.
IntriCon announces exclusive distribution agreement with PC Werth in the United Kingdom as a main supplier of low-cost, high-quality hearing aid products to the National Health Service (NHS) Supply Chain’s National Framework.
Figure 2. US net unit hearing instrument yearly sales, with the editor’s guess at Costco’s sales (in red, estimated at about 300,000 units this year, or about 10% of the overall market), VA sales in green, and the resulting effect on statistics for private/commercial sector sales.
The hearing aid industry will top 3 million units in 2014. Here is a review of projected 2014 hearing aid sales and a perspective on what the growth of Costco represents for the overall hearing healthcare market.