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Auguste Majkowski
Experts and patients alike perspectives on the ABI, or auditory brainstem implant, considered by many to be a miracle hearing device for people with profound hearing loss who cannot benefit from hearing aids or cochlear implants.
ABI placement
Hearing experts at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine and other institutions are conducting an ABI trial aimed at helping children born without a hearing nerve.
Washington University School of Medicine researchers used a combination of medication and computer-assisted cognitive training to target the neural network changes and cognitive deficits common among tinnitus patients.
Figure 1. Illustration of the test setup. The participant (yellow head) sat in the middle, with target speech presented from 0°, and competing speech from the other seven loudspeakers.
At two independent research sites, sentence recognition in surrounding background noise was found to be significantly superior for individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, when aided with a new binaural beamforming technology, compared to individuals with normal hearing. The performance advantage for the hearing-impaired groups was 2-3 dB SNR.

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Figure 4. Individual subject Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) baseline and 6 months post Widex Zen Therapy scores for the 24 subjects. The solid line represents equivalent baseline vs final (post treatment) scores while the dashed line represents the 13-point benefit score required for clinical efforts to be considered clinically significant.
The results from this clinical study strongly support the use of Widex Zen Therapy in tinnitus patient management. This individualized comprehensive approach combining counseling (instructional and adjustment-based cognitive behavioral intervention), amplification, fractal tones and/or noise, and relaxation strategies was highly effective in reducing tinnitus handicap in a short period of time, with improvements apparent through at least the 6-month duration of this investigation.
The first clinical trial to investigate the effect of a standardized physical therapy treatment, directed to the cervical spine, on tinnitus is being conducted at the University of Antwerp.
A three-year-old is the first child in the United States to undergo an auditory brainstem implant surgery in an FDA-approved trial supported by a National Institutes of Health clinical trial grant.
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Auris Medical, the developer of post-trauma treatments for acute inner ear tinnitus and acute inner ear hearing loss via intratympanic injection, has announced a proposed IPO.
ear ringing
Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan has launched two clinical trials for tinnitus, a chronic ringing of the ears that affects more than 600 million people worldwide.
Credit: Image courtesy of MicroTransponder, Inc.
Researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are launching a clinical trial to test a device that uses nervous system stimuli to rewire parts of the brain, in hopes of significantly reducing or removing tinnitus.