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This study reports that the Siemens binaural beamformer Narrow Directionality in a new 2-microphone device is as effective as in the RIC form factor.
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Tinnitus SoundSupport (TSS) encompasses ease of use along with flexibility and variety to promote an uncomplicated fitting process for the audiologist and significant relief for the tinnitus patient.
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A look at the long-term effectiveness of an integrated tinnitus management approach (WZT) and the pattern of therapy use among primary tinnitus patients once successful remediation of symptoms is achieved.
BrainHearing endeavors to help the brain orient, separate, focus, and recognize sounds in order to apply meaning through the use of modern and highly sophisticated technologies and improved hearing aid fitting protocols to maximize hearing and listening.

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Streaming speech to hearing instruments was found in a study to provide a significant speech intelligibility benefit, as did adding visual information through FaceTime and extended frequency bandwidth.
A discussion of recent findings regarding the value of CROS/BiCROS systems and wireless accessories, and how a Mini Microphone to stream sound from the poorer to the better ear may provide benefit.
Figure 1. Localization scores at four azimuths as a function of stimulus characteristics. Stimulus duration and/or back attenuation do not affect the accuracy of localization for the front, left, and right directions. However, stimulus duration/back attenuation affects the accuracy of localization for sounds originating from the back. The longer and the more attenuated the stimulus, the higher the back localization scores.
It is critically important to provide all the natural localization cues through hearing aids, and this study shows that localization performance can be enhanced through the use of listener-based training programs.
Cynaps Enhance Hearing Cap
The Hearing Review lists five hearing-related gadgets or ventures that were independently-funded in 2014.
The “Phantom Terrains” project for BBC Broadcasting House produced this image. Stronger signals are plotted as wider shapes; the color denotes the router’s broadcast channels. The fill patterns signify the network’s security.
Hearing aid user and science writer, Frank Swain, has figured out how to use his Starkey Halo Bluetooth aids to listen to Wi-Fi networks.
Figure 3. Steeply sloping high-frequency hearing loss, with typical environmental sounds superimposed to indicate areas of audibility and inaudibility for the patient.
Frequency lowering features may not always be beneficial, but the ReSound Sound Shaper uses a proportional frequency compression approach that can provide high frequency audibility for individuals who do not receive it through traditional amplification.
The BT914 cordless phone system from Clarity.
Clarity's new bluetooth technology, which is hearing aid compatible, improves cell phone clarity and amplification for users with hearing loss.
The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a $399,986, three-year grant to the College of Science and National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID) at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) for the development of up to 10 supplemental online learning tools that may help deaf and hard-of-hearing students better understand statistics by integrating visual representations of complex concepts with signed explanations, voice and captioning.
Is a solid financing option consistently being presented? This article is dedicated to resolving these concerns and offering a “Top-10 Best Practices List” related to the topic of hearing aid financing.
Figure 1.  An example of a listening situation where UltraZoom has been shown to be of significant benefit. A hearing aid user is listening to the people within the green shaded area. Noise comes from two prominent sound sources (the people sitting at the gray tables).
New adaptive behavior of Phonak binaural beamformer StereoZoom provides significant benefit in speech intelligibility and subjective rating as compared to static or monaural beamformers. This benefit is most evident in difficult listening environments such as when noise is predominantly present from the sides.
ReSound LiNX offers direct connectivity to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. While this increases the usability and functionality of the hearing instruments, it goes further by offering a full range of features currently available from ReSound.

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Figure 1. Illustration of the test setup. The participant (yellow head) sat in the middle, with target speech presented from 0°, and competing speech from the other seven loudspeakers.
At two independent research sites, sentence recognition in surrounding background noise was found to be significantly superior for individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, when aided with a new binaural beamforming technology, compared to individuals with normal hearing. The performance advantage for the hearing-impaired groups was 2-3 dB SNR.
Figure 1. AutoREM guides the fitter through a step-by-step process to automatically match the REIG targets of the selected fitting rule.
A new automatic REM fitting feature was found to be a reliable and fast alternative REM with less variability compared to manual REM.