Is a solid financing option consistently being presented? This article is dedicated to resolving these concerns and offering a “Top-10 Best Practices List” related to the topic of hearing aid financing.
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CareCredit and TIMS Audiology Software have announced the launch of newly integrated features that provide hearing practices with instant desktop access to program information and payment options that help patients get recommended hearing care.
Presenters and sponsors at the CareCredit/HR State of the Industry Dinner included Amyn Amlani, PhD, of the University of North Texas; HR's editor Karl Strom and publisher Dana Fisher; Dan Quall, MS, of Starkey Hearing Technologies; Brian Taylor, AuD, of Unitron; and Amber Jacquez of CareCredit.
CareCredit and The Hearing Review hosted a dinner on the eve of the AAA convention that highlighted the fast-paced changes in hearing healthcare and also posed some potential solutions for the future.
Great patient service at a reasonable price creates happy and loyal patients, and provides you with a solution to combat eroding margins. Here’s why warranties can help.

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Are hearing aid markups as high as Internet operators and others claim? Are dispensing professionals routinely using a “5x markup?