The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (HR 2) was overwhelmingly approved on a 92-8 vote in the US Senate on April 14, repealing the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula and paving the way for ICD-10 code set implementation. However, an amendment to HR 2 that would have repealed Medicare’s Part B outpatient therapy caps was defeated.
Is a solid financing option consistently being presented? This article is dedicated to resolving these concerns and offering a “Top-10 Best Practices List” related to the topic of hearing aid financing.
The Senate has approved HR 4302 which delays the ICD-10 implementation date to October 1 of next year, staving off the projected 24% cut to Medicare Part B payments and extending the therapy caps exceptions process through March 2015.
How the field of vestibular management was severely injured by the introduction of a low cost, easy-to-use, quick, inexpensive tool to measure the vestibular-ocular reflex (VOR) for rapid head movements...

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Oticon Medical has obtained accreditation as a Medicare Durable Medical Equipment Supplier from CMS.
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Before reading the lead article by Kochkin et al in this edition of HR, a few things should be made clear. First and foremost, hearing aids work, they work well, and the vast majority of people who purchase them and receive professional hea
Focus given to academy's publications, developing strategic reimbursement issues.