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MAICO Diagnostics and Interacoustics have announced an agreement to offer a full line of hearing testing medical devices to Novation, which represents a large number of hospitals and health care providers.
GENIE Sound Rooms.
Reported to be the market leader in Canada, the GENIE series of audiometric sound rooms is now being offered by Otometrics throughout the United States and is available exclusively at Audiology Systems.
A self-administered hearing test application could improve patient compliance by funneling self-motivated patients into the healthcare system already primed to succeed with amplification technology.
The 10-minute phone based hearing test requires a landline, and may indicate if you need to visit a hearing health professional.
Scientists with the National Hearing Test Project have developed a phone based hearing test to help people take the first step in managing their hearing health—with initial hearing loss testing via the telephone.

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Marshall Chasin, AuD
Marshall Chasin, AuD, shows why assymetric hearing loss does not necessarily rule out a noise-induced component.
Continuing education is the secret to helping patients with vestibular disorders.
De Wet Swanepoel, PhD, testing a 4-year-old with hearScreen, a smart phone app. Photo credit: University of Pretoria.
The newly developed app reportedly adheres to international calibration standards, can be loaded onto a low-cost, smartphone, is automated, and continuously monitors background noise to ensure reliable testing.
kid holds ears
A recent commentary published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal outlines the reasons improvements in hearing screening tests for newborns are necessary.
ICS Impulse
Audiology Systems is offering practitioners a firsthand look at the new portable video head impulse testing (vHIT) device by Otometrics which provides head positioning feedback functionality and other enhancements.
Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is caused by obstruction of the upper airway and is characterized by repetitive pauses in breathing during sleep, despite the effort to breathe. It is also usually associated with a reduction in blood oxygen saturation.
At this week's 2014 American Thoracic Society International Conference, a large-scale study was presented showing that both high- and low-frequency hearing impairment are linked with sleep apnea. The researchers speculate that the link may involve the adverse effects of sleep apnea on vascular supply to the cochlea via inflammation and vascular remodeling or noise trauma from snoring.
Welch Allyn OAE Hearing Screener II
Welch Allyn's new OAE Hearing Screener is designed as a connected solution for healthcare professionals who will now be able to enroll even their youngest patients in early intervention programs to help prevent language disabilities before they occur.
Jessica Tyrrell, PhD
Researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School have been able to suggest what goes wrong in the body when people develop Ménière’s disease, and provide new insight into factors that lead to its development.
Grason Stadler has announced significant updates to its GSI AudioStar Pro.
Deepa Sekhar, MD
School hearing tests cannot effectively detect adolescent high-frequency hearing loss, which is typically caused by loud noise exposure, according to researchers at Penn State College of Medicine.
The new Verfit2 offers a variety of expanded capabilities focused on addressing the more advanced features of today’s hearing instruments and providing both a qualitatively and quantitatively better verification and fitting tool — all within the context of making verification easier and faster.

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A recent study suggests that most people view retirement in three different phases. And this has some important implications for hearing aid use.
Scientific Meeting
Oticon Medical recently held the company’s largest scientific conference to date, the third in a series of annual professional gatherings to explore advances, research, and future direction in hearing implant systems.
benson audiometer
The CCS-200 spirometer is now available from Benson Medical Instruments.
Jensen small
Like any other social interaction, the clinical interaction between a hearing care provider and a client is affected by role playing.
Rather than centering on the dispensing of a hearing aid or medical device, interventional audiology revolves around the disease state of hearing loss and its relationship to the chronic medical conditions listed in this article.