Auguste Majkowski
Experts and patients alike perspectives on the ABI, or auditory brainstem implant, considered by many to be a miracle hearing device for people with profound hearing loss who cannot benefit from hearing aids or cochlear implants.
Tinnitus Mapping on Brain
Researchers have taken advantage of a rare opportunity to record and map tinnitus in the brain of a patient undergoing surgery, with the goal of finding the brain networks responsible for this condition characterized by "phantom noise."
YotaPhone 2
Psyx Research Inc has been tapped by Yota Devices to include its adaptive Earprint technology in the new YotaPhone 2, a “two-front” smartphone.
Dennis Van Vliet, AuD
Van Vliet looks at how the world is changing, noting that today we are busy trying to understand noise reduction options and how to program optimally as technology advances. What will we be doing in 25 years?

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misophonia or sound rage
A UCSF pilot study shows that mindfulness is a treatment approach for tinnitus that may help the roughly 50 million Americans who suffer from the condition, providing longterm relief.
MAICO Diagnostics and Interacoustics have announced an agreement to offer a full line of hearing testing medical devices to Novation, which represents a large number of hospitals and health care providers.
Baha 5 Sound Processor
Cochlear released the small bone conduction Baha 5 Sound Processor for people who are deaf in one ear, or have conductive or mixed hearing loss. Users can stream sound and control the processor from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
Sungyong Jung, PhD
An electrical engineering researcher at the University of Texas at Arlington is developing more efficient, integrated circuits for better hearing aids with improved directionality, based on studies of a parasitic fly.
Mazevski Figure 1
Tinnitus SoundSupport (TSS) encompasses ease of use along with flexibility and variety to promote an uncomplicated fitting process for the audiologist and significant relief for the tinnitus patient.
Components from Listen Technologies’ new ListenIR offerings
Listen Technologies announced the expansion of its ListenIR product line which includes the new LT-84 ListenIR Transmitter-Radiator and LA-141 ListenIR Extended-Radiator, as well as the new iDSP IR Receiver.
Sophono® Alpha 2 MPO™ bone conduction hearing device.
Medical device giant Medtronic has purchased bone-anchored hearing implant manufacturer Sophono. Medtronic is the world's third largest medical device manufacturer with a market capitalization of over $100 billion and the company employs 85,000 people, including 5,800 scientists and engineers, in 160 countries.
Synchrony CI
The first US patient has received MED-EL's Synchrony cochlear implant, which was FDA-approved in January 2015 for use in MRI without magnet removal.
Best Mobile Apps for Sensory Impairments
Home Healthcare Adaptations, Dublin, Ireland, has released an infographic featuring the best mobile apps for sensory impairments.
CareCredit, a health and wellness credit card that can be used as a financing option for certain expenses not covered by insurance, has announced the launch of its new digital card technology, which enables mobile payment functionality for all CareCredit cardholders and providers.
Unitron's new North platform is designed to bring patients closer to natural hearing and address the number-one desire of hearing aid users: understanding conversations in a wide range of situations.

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Grason-Stadler (GSI) has announced a license agreement with Audiology Incorporated that offers the software AMTAS as a feature on various GSI audiometers.
Nurotron logo
Cochlear implant manufacturer Nurotron Biotechnology has announced that it is expanding its organization ten-fold in 2015 with new facilities and additional staff in China.
Ida Institute
The Ida Institute, based in Naerum, Denmark, announced that its website has been redesigned to optimize mobile access from a range of devices including laptops, tablet computers, PDAs, and smartphones.
Earpiece used with cellphone
A March 5, 2015 report from Bloomberg News online examines how recent advances in circuitry and Bluetooth technology have led to increased availability of cost-effective, powerful alternatives to hearing aids.
determining sound source
The World Health Organization (WHO) is promoting its “Make Listening Safe” campaign to raise awareness of recreational noise-induced hearing loss on March 3, 2015: International Ear Care Day.