Carsten Trads, president of Clarity and a long-time figure in the hearing healthcare industry, will retire from his current position in mid-May.
A discussion of recent findings regarding the value of CROS/BiCROS systems and wireless accessories, and how a Mini Microphone to stream sound from the poorer to the better ear may provide benefit.
Abby Armijo, owner of ADCO Hearing Products
ADCO Hearing Products transferred ownership in November 2014, and new owner Abby Armijo plans to continue ADCO's history of great products and services, while expanding its offerings throughout next year.
sonova logo
Sonova Holding AG has announced the completion of its previously announced acquisition of Sweden-based Comfort Audio following regulatory approvals.

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Figure 4. Rating of hearing device in looped situations compared to non-looped situations.
Telecoils and hearing loops deserve the attention of the hearing industry and hearing care professionals, as these simple devices dramatically increase multiple environmental listening utility (MELU). The findings of this study, presented by 9 experts in the field, clearly demonstrate hearing loop systems dramatically improve consumer experiences with their hearing aids or CIs for nearly all participants. Users reported looped venues significantly improved their speech intelligibility and the sound quality of their hearing device.
TVaid 3765 Hi Res
Hal-Hen has introduced the new TVaid® RF Digital Wireless 2.4 GHz Amplifying System designed to transmit crisp stereo audio from a TV to a headset receiver.
Van-Vliet photo
No matter how enthusiastic we may be about a technology solution—wireless, telecoil, custom or standard form-factor, open or closed fitting—each has its place, and the solution must match the needs and capabilities of the ultimate user, says Dennis Van Vliet, AuD.
SEMPRE-no background
Clarity announces the launch of Sempre, a new amplified home phone that allows users to make calls through their existing wireless service.
Figure 2a-b. 2A: 3DAA IEM earpiece in situ with built-in ambient microphone. 2B) Sensaphonics 3D-AARO in-ear-monitor (IEM) belt pack and earpieces, depicted with “microphone outputs” (new) and “monitor input” ports. Operating mode switch is set to “performance” position. Internal ambient gain switch (not shown) set to “off.” (Photos provided by Sensaphonics.)
Larry Revit, MA, a performing musician, sound engineer, and audiologist, reports on an audio system built around a unique wide-band, high-fidelity in-ear-monitor system that has binaural microphones imbedded in the earpieces.
photo courtesy: BYU
A group at Brigham Young University has launched the “Signglasses” project to help deaf students.
The new MyEardroid App is designed to pick up and identify ordinary sounds that are produced in the home environment in order to help people who have hearing loss. The first version of the app is available free of charge at Google Play.
Innovative shirt design offers active cochlear implant (CI) users a new, attractive, functional alternative to wearing CI sound processors in the water or when participating in physical activities, says Ci Wear.
Siemens Hearing Instruments honored by CES for second consecutive year in the Accessible and Universal Design categories.
News VartaVMpoEUHA
Power one, Ellwangen, Germany, recently showcased its new hearing aid batteries at the 58th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) held October 16-18 in Nuremberg, Germany.
HR LarsViksmoenGN
With ReSound LiNX, hearing-impaired people will be able to stream audio from music, video, phone calls, and apps directly from an Apple iPhone to their hearing aids. This streaming is possible without any intermediary body-worn device.

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HR Sonova-braunschweiler
Phonak, Unitron, and Advanced Bionics all had significant launches at the 2013 EUHA Congress held last week in Nuremberg, Germany.
HR BeltoneDirect_Line_Remote_Control_2.1
Beltone has added two new devices to the Beltone Direct Line of wireless accessories—the Beltone Direct Remote Control 2 and the Beltone TV Link 2—which wirelessly stream sound from a TV, cell phone, or another person via a 2.4 GHz signal.
Apple iPhone5
The Wireless Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (Wireless RERC) is seeking those with hearing aids and cochlear implants to fill out a survey on cell phone compatibility.
A Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the plaintiff in KM v. Tustin Unified School District, allowing students with hearing loss to gain access to Computer-Assisted Realtime Transcription (CART) as an accommodation in K-12 classrooms.
IHS Cover
Here's a sneak peek at some of the products and services being featured at the 2013 International Hearing Society Convention on September 12-14 in Arlington, Va.