YotaPhone 2
Psyx Research Inc has been tapped by Yota Devices to include its adaptive Earprint technology in the new YotaPhone 2, a “two-front” smartphone.
Components from Listen Technologies’ new ListenIR offerings
Listen Technologies announced the expansion of its ListenIR product line which includes the new LT-84 ListenIR Transmitter-Radiator and LA-141 ListenIR Extended-Radiator, as well as the new iDSP IR Receiver.
Best Mobile Apps for Sensory Impairments
Home Healthcare Adaptations, Dublin, Ireland, has released an infographic featuring the best mobile apps for sensory impairments.
CareCredit, a health and wellness credit card that can be used as a financing option for certain expenses not covered by insurance, has announced the launch of its new digital card technology, which enables mobile payment functionality for all CareCredit cardholders and providers.

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Ida Institute
The Ida Institute, based in Naerum, Denmark, announced that its website has been redesigned to optimize mobile access from a range of devices including laptops, tablet computers, PDAs, and smartphones.
Beltone Legend RIE hearing aid
Beltone has launched the Beltone Legend, which features new technology that classifies it as a Made for iPhone hearing aid.
uHear Hearing Test App
Unitron has released a hearing test app and an online support kit with the goal of giving more people access to treatment for hearing loss.
A self-administered hearing test application could improve patient compliance by funneling self-motivated patients into the healthcare system already primed to succeed with amplification technology.
Carsten Trads, president of Clarity and a long-time figure in the hearing healthcare industry, will retire from his current position in mid-May.
Streaming speech to hearing instruments was found in a study to provide a significant speech intelligibility benefit, as did adding visual information through FaceTime and extended frequency bandwidth.
A discussion of recent findings regarding the value of CROS/BiCROS systems and wireless accessories, and how a Mini Microphone to stream sound from the poorer to the better ear may provide benefit.
Beltone Boost
Beltone has announced that HearPlus, its Android-compatible app, will work with the company's Beltone First and Beltone Boost hearing aids.
ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, announced at International CES 2015 that the hearing aid technology found in its ReSound portfolio of smart hearing aids will be available on the Android platform via the ReSound Smart app.
Abby Armijo, owner of ADCO Hearing Products
ADCO Hearing Products transferred ownership in November 2014, and new owner Abby Armijo plans to continue ADCO's history of great products and services, while expanding its offerings throughout next year.
The new OtoSense app notifies with flash, vibration, and third-party notification for enhanced personal safety and quality of life, according to the company. Every time an individual uses OtoSense and teaches it new sounds, it improves the sound recognition software, and this improves everyone’s experience using the app.

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sonova logo
Sonova Holding AG has announced the completion of its previously announced acquisition of Sweden-based Comfort Audio following regulatory approvals.
Williams Sound partnered with the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) as a sponsor of its Veterans with Hearing Loss Scholarship awarded in conjunction with the 2014 HLAA annual convention.
The Sound of Light listening system uses a light socket as its power source and reportedly amplifies sound up to 100 dB.
The Sound of Light is a wireless speaker system powered from the socket of a floor or table lamp.
Figure 4. Rating of hearing device in looped situations compared to non-looped situations.
Telecoils and hearing loops deserve the attention of the hearing industry and hearing care professionals, as these simple devices dramatically increase multiple environmental listening utility (MELU). The findings of this study, presented by 9 experts in the field, clearly demonstrate hearing loop systems dramatically improve consumer experiences with their hearing aids or CIs for nearly all participants. Users reported looped venues significantly improved their speech intelligibility and the sound quality of their hearing device.
TVaid 3765 Hi Res
Hal-Hen has introduced the new TVaid® RF Digital Wireless 2.4 GHz Amplifying System designed to transmit crisp stereo audio from a TV to a headset receiver.