Dennis Van Vliet, AuD
Van Vliet looks at how the world is changing, noting that today we are busy trying to understand noise reduction options and how to program optimally as technology advances. What will we be doing in 25 years?
A paper was recently published by Canadian researchers about a chinstrap that can harvest energy from jaw movements. Although still a long way from powering a hearing aid or implant, the researchers hope to continue their work on improving the device.
Barry Freeman, PhD
Barry Freeman, PhD, takes his 35 years of experience serving the Audiology community to ZPower, a developer of rechargeable hearing aid battery technology.
ZPower has announced it has raised $10 million in additional funding from existing investors, bringing the total to $110 million from investors.

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Rayovac technology keeps pace of high-demand wireless hearing aids with multi-million dollar investments in R&D and manufacturing. The company will also offer a full-color custom imprinting program this summer.
Dueber author box
While there are numerous advantages of wireless hearing aid technology, many dispensing professionals view them as obstacles. Why is this the case? A summary of research conducted by ZPower to determine the popularity of today’s wireless products, and what factors are impacting the adoption of this new technology.
Starkey VFusion
Technology partners Starkey Hearing Technologies and ZPower have released the new VFusionTM hearing aid charger.
MIT News Chip
A cochlear implant that can be wirelessly recharged would use the natural microphone of the middle ear rather than a skull-mounted sensor.
Fraunhofer HA components
Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute are developing a miniature, low-power wireless microsystem to make hearing aids and cochlear implants smaller, more comfortable, and more efficient.
AdnanShennib ConfCMP.2013.IIscreenshot
Here's a look at some innovative new products in the hearing marketplace.
News VartaVMpoEUHA
Power one, Ellwangen, Germany, recently showcased its new hearing aid batteries at the 58th International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) held October 16-18 in Nuremberg, Germany.
IHS Cover
Here's a sneak peek at some of the products and services being featured at the 2013 International Hearing Society Convention on September 12-14 in Arlington, Va.
A handy 2-page summary for better communication with your patients
Whats New Summer 2013 cover
What products were new at the 2013 American Academy of Audiology Convention? Find out here.
Sebotek HD2 opt
New products featured in the March 2013 Hearing Review

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What’s new at this year’s American Academy of Audiology Convention? Plenty. Download this PDF guide.
Rayovac's hearing aid battery division has received top honors in two categories of the 2012 In Business Sustainability Awards program.
Fall Products Review
Download our annual fall product review of some of the latest hearing care products that HRP November manufacturers and distributors have featured at IHS and ADA meetings this fall.
Sonic Innovations has announced the donation of over 44,000 hearing aid battery cells to three Minnesota nonprofit groups.
Britains Rayovac Batteries, a subsidiary of Spectrum Brands Holdings Inc, has received the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise, an official recognition by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.