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Abby Armijo, owner of ADCO Hearing Products
ADCO Hearing Products transferred ownership in November 2014, and new owner Abby Armijo plans to continue ADCO's history of great products and services, while expanding its offerings throughout next year.
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American film composer Jeff Rona comments on Richard Einhorn's recent article in Hearing Review and proposes some more economical options for hearing-impaired musicians who need to hear the subtle nuances of their instrument in order to get the most out of their performances.
Figure 2a-b. 2A: 3DAA IEM earpiece in situ with built-in ambient microphone. 2B) Sensaphonics 3D-AARO in-ear-monitor (IEM) belt pack and earpieces, depicted with “microphone outputs” (new) and “monitor input” ports. Operating mode switch is set to “performance” position. Internal ambient gain switch (not shown) set to “off.” (Photos provided by Sensaphonics.)
Larry Revit, MA, a performing musician, sound engineer, and audiologist, reports on an audio system built around a unique wide-band, high-fidelity in-ear-monitor system that has binaural microphones imbedded in the earpieces.
Participants of the Sensaphonics Gold Circle seminar for audiologists gathered in the control room at Mystery Street Recording Company, Chicago. From left: Dale Radke, Joe Tessone, Eric Nelson, Analise Ludwig, Theresa Bartlett, Helene Levenfus, and Dr Michael Santucci.
Sensaphonics' two-day seminar on in-ear monitoring teaches audiologists the specifics of working with musicians and sound engineers.

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Noise exposure and perceptions of hearing were explored through a survey of 344 college students in forestry and wildlife management courses. Results support the need for education about noise-induced auditory damage along with promotion of healthy hearing habits at the collegiate level.
Figure 2. Color chart showing different skin colors.
A new treatment for BTE and RIC/RITE receiver tubing and wire covers is designed to dye the hearing aid plumbing for an even more invisible, personalized match to the individual’s skin color.
Scientific Meeting
Oticon Medical recently held the company’s largest scientific conference to date, the third in a series of annual professional gatherings to explore advances, research, and future direction in hearing implant systems.
3DM Otoscan opt
Below is a video taken at the 2013 AAA in Anaheim, Calif, demonstrating 3DM's virtual "no-mess" ear canal impression solution.
IHS Cover
Here's a sneak peek at some of the products and services being featured at the 2013 International Hearing Society Convention on September 12-14 in Arlington, Va.
Honeywell Quietpro opt
Honeywell Safety Products has introduced the QUIETPRO® QP100Ex, a new communication and hearing protection system designed for the oil and gas industry.
Hearing Technologies Sanitizer Dryer opt
Hearing Technologies International Inc has released an improved and low cost Universal Sanitizer Dryer.
Whats New Summer 2013 cover
What products were new at the 2013 American Academy of Audiology Convention? Find out here.
Lantos Technologies Inc announced that it has received clearance from the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to market the Lantos 3D Ear Scanning System.
What’s new at this year’s American Academy of Audiology Convention? Plenty. Download this PDF guide.
Information on the risk of loud music to hearing, education on ear protection, and audiological services, and measures of iPod volume should lead to better ear protection strategies by university music students and faculty.

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Oticon Pediatrics has introduced a new, child-friendly FM receiver designed to help audiologists in school settings simplify some of the complexity of everyday listening and learning for both students with listening and concentration difficulties.
Westone Cotton Pros
Westone Laboratories Inc has released Cotton PROS, a new line of cotton pressure relief oto-dams, utilizing Westone’s proprietary technology.
EAR Inc MusicVideo opt
EAR Inc has released “Acoustical Confusion: Talking Hearing Loss Blues,” an entertaining and educational music video designed to promote hearing protection.
EAR Inc has released “Acoustical Confusion: Talking Hearing Loss Blues,” an entertaining and educational music video designed to promote hearing protection.
Rayovac's hearing aid battery division has received top honors in two categories of the 2012 In Business Sustainability Awards program.