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Components from Listen Technologies’ new ListenIR offerings
Listen Technologies announced the expansion of its ListenIR product line which includes the new LT-84 ListenIR Transmitter-Radiator and LA-141 ListenIR Extended-Radiator, as well as the new iDSP IR Receiver.
Earpiece used with cellphone
A March 5, 2015 report from Bloomberg News online examines how recent advances in circuitry and Bluetooth technology have led to increased availability of cost-effective, powerful alternatives to hearing aids.
Beltone Legend RIE hearing aid
Beltone has launched the Beltone Legend, which features new technology that classifies it as a Made for iPhone hearing aid.
Oticon Performance Line Alta2 hearing instruments
Oticon introduced its new Inium Sense, a sound processing platform that powers the company's new Alta2, Nera2, and Ria2 hearing aids in its Performance Line of hearing instruments.

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GN ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids
GN ReSound has announced the unveiling of LiNX2, the next generation of the company's made for iPhone hearing aids with smart hearing technology.
ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, announced at International CES 2015 that the hearing aid technology found in its ReSound portfolio of smart hearing aids will be available on the Android platform via the ReSound Smart app.
MED-EL's RONDO audio processor for cochlear implants.
MED-EL USA announced the FDA approval of the WaterWear waterproof cover for RONDO, the company's cochlear implant single-unit audio processor.
Figure 1.  An example of a listening situation where UltraZoom has been shown to be of significant benefit. A hearing aid user is listening to the people within the green shaded area. Noise comes from two prominent sound sources (the people sitting at the gray tables).
New adaptive behavior of Phonak binaural beamformer StereoZoom provides significant benefit in speech intelligibility and subjective rating as compared to static or monaural beamformers. This benefit is most evident in difficult listening environments such as when noise is predominantly present from the sides.
ReSound LiNX offers direct connectivity to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. While this increases the usability and functionality of the hearing instruments, it goes further by offering a full range of features currently available from ReSound.
Left to right:  Jim Kothe, MS, Oticon VP of Sales; Don Schum, PhD, VP of Audiology & Professional Relations; Nancy Palmere, Senior Marketing Manager; Marija Baranauskas, AuD, Director of Education and Training; behavioral scientist James Kane, keynote speaker; Oticon President Peer Lauritsen; Sheena Oliver, VP of Marketing and Mike Irby, Manager of Business Development.
More than 500 US hearing care professionals attended the 2014 Human Link Conference, “Hearing Care is Health Care,” hosted by Oticon which focused on the growing body of research showing the connection between hearing health and brain health.
UFE Electronic Designs has developed the AcousticEar™ electronic amplifier designed to replace stethoscope-type hearing aid listening tools.
Kuk_localization figure 2
An introduction to localization, factors that influence localization when wearing hearing aids, and what steps can be taken to improve localization ability for hearing aid users.
SEMPRE-no background
Clarity announces the launch of Sempre, a new amplified home phone that allows users to make calls through their existing wireless service.
The technology company Mimi has launched a new application (app) in iOS to allow users to test their hearing—and it utilizes a users existing earbuds.
ZPower has announced it has raised $10 million in additional funding from existing investors, bringing the total to $110 million from investors.

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In Part 5 of this 5-part series, The Hearing Review's roundtable of hearing care professionals discusses alternate dispensing channels, personal sound amplification products (PSAPs), Internet and mail-order hearing aids, and how to advise consumers and clients about these products.
In Part 4 of this 5-part series, our roundtable takes on the topics of marketing and outreach to physicians, changing attitudes about hearing aids in younger patients, and a greater willingness to try new technology.
Figure 2. Color chart showing different skin colors.
A new treatment for BTE and RIC/RITE receiver tubing and wire covers is designed to dye the hearing aid plumbing for an even more invisible, personalized match to the individual’s skin color.
The new Lyric generation is designed with the latest Phonak technology for more natural sound quality and improved programming flexibility.
Lyric3 technology is designed to provide more natural sound; the company reports that 94% of users would recommend Lyric to a friend or loved one.
Presenters and sponsors at the CareCredit/HR State of the Industry Dinner included Amyn Amlani, PhD, of the University of North Texas; HR's editor Karl Strom and publisher Dana Fisher; Dan Quall, MS, of Starkey Hearing Technologies; Brian Taylor, AuD, of Unitron; and Amber Jacquez of CareCredit.
CareCredit and The Hearing Review hosted a dinner on the eve of the AAA convention that highlighted the fast-paced changes in hearing healthcare and also posed some potential solutions for the future.