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Figure 1. Comparison of input dynamic ranges of everyday sounds, analog microphones, 16-bit ADC, CLEAR hearing aids, and DREAM hearing aids.
Pictured from left to right are: Todd Murray, President, Beltone, Lars Viksmoen, CEO GN ReSound, and Kim Herman, US president of ReSound.
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Hearing Instruments ITE


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The XearA ITE combines several advancements in technology, including Conversation Lift, Sound Restore, Situation Optimizer, Acclimation Manager, Feedback X, and 40 channels of processing with two CTs and 2 CKs, as well as wireless connectivity.

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Hearing Instruments BTE

A Hearing Aid Solution for Music

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The data from this study indicate that the “raising the A/D converter bridge” is a valid strategy that has been shown to be useful in both laboratory and real-life listening environments.

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