MAICO Diagnostics and Interacoustics have announced an agreement to offer a full line of hearing testing medical devices to Novation, which represents a large number of hospitals and health care providers.
young cancer patient
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital scientists have found that variations of inherited genes are associated with hearing loss in young cancer patients treated with cisplatin, a drug widely used to treat brain tumors and other types of cancer.
This case study reminds us why a child who passes a newborn hearing screening may not necessarily have normal hearing.
child playing violin
According to a recent study from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, learning to play the violin or piano might help kids' brains by giving them some added benefits in key behavioral areas of the cortex.

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Figure 1. One example of a young child wearing the Interacoustics EyeSeeCam goggle for vHIT testing.
This 2015 update shows that outcomes have vastly improved for children with vestibular and hearing problems, thanks to the work of professionals associated with pediatric hearing healthcare.
MED-EL USA has announced the FDA approval of its new SONNET behind-the-ear audio processor for cochlear implants, which is reportedly water-resistant, lightweight, and tamper-proof.
MED-EL's RONDO audio processor for cochlear implants.
MED-EL USA announced the FDA approval of the WaterWear waterproof cover for RONDO, the company's cochlear implant single-unit audio processor.
Otitis MediaWiki
If you are one of those hearing care professionals who secretly groan when your patients tell you they think their hearing loss is due to the chronic ear infections they suffered as children, groan no longer. They just may be right. Findings from the ongoing 1947 Newcastle Thousand Families Study show that those who suffered from infections as a child were more likely to have a hearing loss in their 60s.
ACIAllianceLogo 9.51.38 AM
The ACI Alliance has published the Proceedings of the organization's First Annual Symposium which is now available online.
New University of Missouri study reinforces the importance of early hearing interventions for infants, and indicates that infants with profound hearing loss who received cochlear implants reached the vocalization levels of their hearing peers—putting them back on track for language development.
The 3-day Symposium reportedly brings together more than 900 clinicians, scientists, educators, government officials, and health insurance representatives for educational and networking opportunities, as well as interaction with vanguard companies on the cutting edge of technology in hearing implants.
Continents & Oceans features three levels in which players listen to male and female voices as they name the continents and oceans of the world and tap the screen to verify what was said. Players are scored on how fast they respond, and a global leaderboard is shown. Different accents increase the difficulty level, and players compete with others from around the world for the best score in each level.
Jane Madell
Jane Madell, PhD, says parents need current, accurate, and honest information when making important and difficult decisions about the needs of their hearing-impaired children—not information based on what might have been true 20-30 years ago.
Lynzee McShea
The report says people with learning disabilities are more likely to have hearing loss than the general population, but are less likely to have their hearing loss diagnosed and managed with hearing aids. This is mainly because hearing loss diagnosis relies on self-referral, which is an initial barrier for people with learning disabilities. Likewise, caregivers need to be educated about hearing loss and learning disability.
A study of 43 children with autism spectrum disorder indicated that, the more time required for an ASD individual to process auditory signals, the more severe that person’s autistic symptoms. “This is a first step toward developing a biomarker of autism severity—an objective way to assess someone’s place on the ASD spectrum,” said co-author Sophie Molholm. “Using EEG recordings in this way might also prove useful for objectively evaluating the effectiveness of ASD therapies.”

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The promotion from MED-EL is designed to allow patients to move forward with confidence, knowing that they can access the latest in sound processing strategies with a new audio processor as soon as it becomes available in the United States.
Lil Mike is an animated rapper aimed at improving ear health within the Aboriginal community in Australia.
Using gestures helps children develop basic learning and cognitive skills, aiding them in problem-solving tasks. Photo courtesy of Laura Tharsen/Susan Goldin-Meadow Lab.
Spontaneous gestures can help children learn, whether they use a spoken language or sign language, according to a new report.
Learning to play a musical instrument or to sing can help disadvantaged children strengthen their reading and language skills, according to research presented by Nina Kraus, PhD, at the American Psychological Association’s 122nd Annual Convention.
Intriguing research continues to focus on music, the brain, and music’s potential in honing auditory acuity, including speech-in-noise performance and the enhancement of listening abilities. Drs Nina Kraus and Samira Anderson explain why these exciting findings may have big implications for auditory training and aural rehabilitation.