Grason-Stadler (GSI) has announced a license agreement with Audiology Incorporated that offers the software AMTAS as a feature on various GSI audiometers.
The technology company Mimi has launched a new application (app) in iOS to allow users to test their hearing—and it utilizes a users existing earbuds.
When combined with conventional assistive devices, such as hearing aids or cochlear implants, “audiogames” may be able to provide hearing impaired individuals with an improved ability to reconnect to the auditory world, says the researchers.
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Frequency hopping has been discussed in this series of posts related to Bluetooth as its underlying foundation. Several persons are credited with inventing frequency hopping, including actress Hedy LaMarr.

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Benson Medical Instruments has released over 50 updates to the software supporting its CCA-200mini Plus audiometer.
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Phonak has launched the Child Hearing Assessment Toolkit (CHAT). The new web-based tool allows hearing care professionals working in education to manage patient assessments on any computer or tablet device.
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What products were new at the 2013 American Academy of Audiology Convention? Find out here.
What’s new at this year’s American Academy of Audiology Convention? Plenty. Download this PDF guide. quickbooks box has released a new QuickBooks Synchronizer tool. Instead of double entry of invoices and payments, the tool will allow for all financial entries in to be transferred automatically to the practice’s has released a new Qui
ExSilent has introduced a new HearYouNow app for personal sound amplification. The app is now available for free on the iTunes app store.
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HRP editor Karl Strom writes about the new HR/HRP iPad/iPhone apps...and our ever changing digital world.
Blueprint Solutions has announced the release of Blueprint OMS version 2.0. According to the company, this latest version delivers enhanced capabilities and functions including: hearing aid inventory management, hearing aid trial and loaner managemen