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2015 NFLPA Conference
Former NFL players received hearing care from the NFLPA, EarQ, and Sivantos, who have teamed up to help identify the connection, prevalence, and extent of hearing loss among players.
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This webinar, "Taking Your Business from Fine to Fabulous" by Gyl Kasewurm, tackles the topic of how to make your business better and more profitable, with simple changes. Courtesy of CareCredit, the webinar offers Kasewurm's insider tips from her experience as owner of a hearing care practice that generates exceptional customer satisfaction and impressive revenues.
The webinar, “Being Normal,” by Curtis Alcock addresses why it is often difficult to convince people of their hearing loss and explores new ideas for reaching out to and connecting with consumers. Brought to you courtesy of CareCredit, it is now available for viewing.
Figure 1. Illustration of the test setup. The participant (yellow head) sat in the middle, with target speech presented from 0°, and competing speech from the other seven loudspeakers.
At two independent research sites, sentence recognition in surrounding background noise was found to be significantly superior for individuals with mild-to-moderate hearing loss, when aided with a new binaural beamforming technology, compared to individuals with normal hearing. The performance advantage for the hearing-impaired groups was 2-3 dB SNR.

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Figure 4. Individual subject Tinnitus Functional Index (TFI) baseline and 6 months post Widex Zen Therapy scores for the 24 subjects. The solid line represents equivalent baseline vs final (post treatment) scores while the dashed line represents the 13-point benefit score required for clinical efforts to be considered clinically significant.
The results from this clinical study strongly support the use of Widex Zen Therapy in tinnitus patient management. This individualized comprehensive approach combining counseling (instructional and adjustment-based cognitive behavioral intervention), amplification, fractal tones and/or noise, and relaxation strategies was highly effective in reducing tinnitus handicap in a short period of time, with improvements apparent through at least the 6-month duration of this investigation.
Researchers at the Cluster of Excellence and Saarland University Language Center in Saarbrücken, Germany, are animating online characters so they can display content in sign language.
If you are wanting to enter the search market and grow your brand—essentially crossing the Rubicon for the first time—you should know that, depending on your market, competition can be fierce. But a strong effort to grow visibility and differentiate your brand from those against the competitive backdrop is the surest strategy for success.
When combined with conventional assistive devices, such as hearing aids or cochlear implants, “audiogames” may be able to provide hearing impaired individuals with an improved ability to reconnect to the auditory world, says the researchers.
Jessica Tyrrell, PhD
Researchers at the University of Exeter Medical School have been able to suggest what goes wrong in the body when people develop Ménière’s disease, and provide new insight into factors that lead to its development.
Credit: Image courtesy of MicroTransponder, Inc.
Researchers supported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are launching a clinical trial to test a device that uses nervous system stimuli to rewire parts of the brain, in hopes of significantly reducing or removing tinnitus.
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A review of previous methods, as well as a new method, for assessing sound quality is presented along with results from a recent study.
anderson toddlers 12-24
By providing information about hearing aid retention strategies throughout early childhood, collecting accurate information about daily hearing aid wear challenges, and working as a team, it should be possible to find appropriate strategies to keep children “on the air,” facilitating listening, language, and learning.
HR recently convened a Knowledge Summit Roundtable in conjunction with "12 Hours of Sebring," an annual motorsports race held in Sebring, Fla. Part 2 of the Roundtable discussion looks at tinnitus and how to address it in a busy practice.
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A new book: Otosclerosis: Diagnosis, Evaluation, Pathology, Surgical Techniques, and Outcomes, is out for otologic surgeons, providing treatment with the most current surgical techniques.
Table of contents for the October 2013 edition of The Hearing Review (Vol 20, No 11).

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The September 2013 Hearing Review is now on the Web! See the table of contents here.
The AG Bell Association has published 101 Frequently Asked Questions About Auditory-Verbal Practice: Promoting Listening and Spoken Language for Children who Are Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Their Families.
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The Hearing Review July 2013 Table of Contents STAFF STANDPOINT Finding the Fountain of YouthBy Karl Strom COVER STORY Why You Should Say “Yes” to the Age-old Question of “Should I Use an Assistant?By Gyl A. Kasewurm, AuDAs hearing healthcare practices are faced with declining reimbursement, increased competition, and a declining workforce, the question no […]
HR June Cover
The Hearing Review June 2013 Table of Contents
Below is an archive listing of our most recent Hearing Review print editions. Click on each issue to see the table of contents and links to articles. All articles listed in the table of contents of the interactive editions will also be available on the website. Please input the title into the search box in […]